Superstrata Ion, 3D printed carbon e-bike: made to measure and at an affordable price


Superstrat, startup based in Silicon Valley, presents its e-bike Ion with unibody frame made in carbon fiber by process of stampa in 3D
with fully customizable dimensions and geometries according to the stature and needs of each cyclist.
The bicycles offered by Superstrata, in addition to the Ion electric, the muscular version is also available Terra, are based on the production technology offered by Arevo, a particular 3D printing process with carbon fiber can offer high standards of flexibility in design and high quality of the finished product.

In collaboration with the well-known bicycle designer Bill Stephens the aforementioned models and various accessories have been created for extensive customization of the bicycles; moreover the adopted technology has allowed to reach new standards of strength, solving one of the negative sides of the carbon fiber frames as also explained by Sonny Vu, CEO of Superstrata, in a statement:
“My friends have always been so careful with their expensive carbon bikes, fearing that they would fall or be hit. I thought the carbon frames were super strong? No, they are super light. But they can be very fragile”

The production process to create a Superstrata originates from the cyclist’s body measurements, as for a made-to-measure suit, a particular algorithm developed by the company calculates and then sends the geometry of the personalized frame down to the last detail, offering a unique product in terms of size but also for rigidity.
Both the Ion e-bike and the Terra model can be assembled with different components in order to create bicycles suitable for the racing world, of the Street, of the light dirt road or of cycling, in combination with metal or carbon fiber rims and two colors with
light or dark finish

Instead, as regards the electrical compartment of the Ion Superstrata, we find a battery integrated in the oblique tube of the 36 V frame and with the capacity of 125 Wh, a 250 Wh variant is also scheduled, 250 W rear motor, 350 W peak, able to assist pedaling up to a maximum speed of 25 km / h, all managed by a integrated display in the handlebar also available in carbon fiber.

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A project rich in technology and quality capable of offering itself on the market at a price that is clearly in line, if not more advantageous, than the equivalent models with carbon frames made by hand: the muscular Superstrata Terra is offered at a list price of 2,799 $ while the Ion pedal assisted model at a price of 3,999 $ always on the price list, both currently available for pre-order through the Indiegogo platform significantly discounted and with shipping starting from December 2020.

A technology that of 3D printing with carbon fiber can guarantee the end user with high standards of customization and robustness at a valid quality-price ratio thanks to a practically automated production; for more images and information, please visit the manufacturer’s page.

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