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Averted the last of the long series of anti second homes measures since the Monti government. Confirmation comes from the final version of article 119 of the Relaunch Decree, the text of which was approved yesterday by the House Budget Committee: the 110% superbonus for renovations has been extended: each family can apply it up to a maximum of two properties. The change, strongly desired by the oppositions and associations of building owners, is black on white.
Compared to the last draft, the only novelty is the exclusion of the condominium chimney from the works that can be financed with the superbonus and the inclusion of the buildings of sports clubs. Before toasting, however, it is better to wait for the conversion into law of the decree expected by July 18 and, above all, the issue of implementing decrees and a provision of the Revenue Agency which should arrive within thirty days of conversion into law.
“For now, let’s give a positive assessment of the measure – says the president of Confedilizia, Giorgio Spaziani Testa – but it will be important to see how the assignment of credit will be regulated”. The true revolutionary aspect of the superbonus is in fact the extent of the relief and the possibility of giving it up. Construction companies are currently full of doubts, because if the rules are not effective, few will have the opportunity to advance the discount or get the necessary money from the banks.
«Among the critical aspects – explains Spaziani Testa – there is the exclusion of properties considered luxury, even if they often are not, in particular those in category A1. But above all there is the question of the times: it would have been better to insert an extension directly: December 31, 2021 seems far away, but considering the extent of the work at stake, the need for condominium resolutions and the credit transfer procedures, there is it is the risk that times will turn out to be tight ».
In the revitalization of its parliamentary process, there is also room for a series of welfare measures, including a small but important victory for the opposition. The amendment that adjusts civil disability pensions to 100 percent to the minimum poverty threshold has passed, without having to wait for 60 years of age. The amendment applies a sentence of the Constitutional Court of last June 23 that rejected the different treatment between elderly and disabled: if “quota one million” (the raising to the survival threshold had come in the age of old lire) it is valid for some it is not clear why it should not apply to others. Giorgia Meloni satisfied: “Happy to have convinced all political forces to join the battle of civilization proposed with an amendment by the Brothers of Italy”.
The welfare sector also includes the extension of parental leave until 31 August for those with children up to 12 years of age. The chaos of the layoffs was also adjusted, initially granted in two separate periods, the second of which starting from September 1. The interruption of the IGC during the summer, combined with the prohibition of layoffs, was destined to bury several companies. There remains the problem of slowness in granting layoffs. And if the ban on layoffs is extended until December, the problem of lengthening the IGC will recur.
The crisis of peer schools against which the opposition had mobilized and Italia viva whose amendment has been approved has also been averted, doubling the allocation of funds to 300 million. An axis that detonated the anger of the Five Stars.

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