Superbonus 110% extended also to second homes (villas yes, but villas no)


The 110% superbonus for energy efficiency renovations will also be extended to second homes. They will also concern terraced houses, but stately homes, villas and castles will remain excluded: in particular, real estate units are included in functionally independent multi-family buildings, with one or more independent entrances from the outside, as, in fact, in the case of terraced houses. The Budget Committee of the Chamber has in fact approved a reformulation of numerous amendments on the subject, rewriting, in practice, the intervention: however, you will be able to benefit from the maximum benefits for two real estate units. The subsidy spending ceilings for energy efficiency measures, the measures relating to the use of biomass and extension to district heating but in mountain municipalities not in the EU infringement procedure will also be reviewed. The superbonus will also be extended until 30 June 2022, but only for energy efficiency interventions for social housing houses.

Facilitation also for the third sector

The amendment to the relaunch decree, reformulated and approved by the Chamber Budget Committee, also provides for the extension of the superbonus to 110% for energy efficiency also for the restructuring of the changing rooms of associations and amateur sports clubs. The facility is also extended to third sector associations.

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