Subaru BRZ out of production –


Admittedly, we needed Google Translate and a tip from, but Subaru’s Japanese website really does. The Subaru BRZ is also only available from stock there, so that certain wishes in terms of colors and designs can no longer be guaranteed.

Although Toyota has not yet confirmed it in its home country, this will undoubtedly also have consequences for BRZ brother GT86. Subaru is the brand that pioneered this rear-wheel drive coupe with boxer engine and the cars were also built at Subaru.

Supra 2.0

Anyone looking for a GT86 in the Netherlands will be referred by Toyota to the model page of the Supra. That is not surprising, because in the new 2.0 four-cylinder form, the Supra is not much more expensive than the basic version of the GT86. At Subaru, the sporty model leaves a bigger hole. The brand has no alternative, and for the time being only offers the XV, Forester and Outback in the Netherlands. Still, there is hope, because in 2019 both brands shouted that there is indeed a successor for the funny twins in the pipeline.


The Subaru and Toyota coupe was unveiled in late 2011 and appeared on the market in 2012. In addition to the names Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ, the car has also been available under the banner of the now-defunct sub-brand Scion, which had it as FR-S in North American showrooms.

Depending on the market, the Toyota is also available as Toyota 86 and Toyota FT86, with the 86 always being a reference to the legendary AE86. That model from the 80s was the last Corolla with rear-wheel drive and has become a sporting icon in the drift world.


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