Styrian GP, ​​Lewis Hamilton on pole: a hydrofoil ride reminiscent of Senna


Sensitivity, courage and wickedness, a ride along the precipice for an old style emotion. He did it Hamilton on Saturday, bringing back frames of identical signed intensity to the track Ayrton Senna. We say this aware of how uncertain the comparisons are. But in short, we had a pilot in balance in a tidal wave, capable of trimming abysmal detachments: 1”4 in Bottas, which uses identical Mercedes. He, by hydrofoil, the others by ferry.

Something that leads the most romantic to remember that Brazilian who on the water looked like an angel of paradise. Hamilton, back from a crooked race, dumped anger and talent on the track. He knew he should beware Verstappen. And Max, with a good but not excellent Red Bull, tried, turned around, also showing his liver and heart, hatching an immediate revenge. Styria on Sunday will be sunny for the only hypothesis of Ferrari redemption. Vettel and Leclerc maintained dry gambling structures in the wet. The short red blanket, however, and it’s up to you to choose where to bet. On the race, although starting behind. An idea that many people have. At least four teams, hunting for remnants of glory, given that real glory has already been booked.

July 11, 2020 (change July 12, 2020 | 09:21)


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