Student association Albertus Magnus lays additional solar panels on the roof NOW


Student association Albertus Magnus on Brugstraat in Groningen will receive 34 more solar panels on the roof at the beginning of August. The number of solar panels then comes to 49.

Albertus Magnus has been busy with sustainability in recent years. Last year, in collaboration with advisor Groene Grachten, a report was published for making the monumental building of the student association more sustainable.

One of the plans this year was to expand the fifteen existing solar panels to 49 solar panels. A few years ago, Albertus Magnus says he was the first student association in the Netherlands to build a green roof on the society.

“Every year we are working to make the association a bit greener. This year we have chosen to expand the solar panels from fifteen to 49 solar panels and to run pilots with hard plastic to reduce the use of plastic,” said Vice-Praeses Emma Fisherman.

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