Storm on the number of infected migrants. “The Interior Ministry tell the truth”


With summer the flow of migrants arriving in Italy. Despite the security measures and the need to keep your guard up to defend yourself from the invisible enemy represented by COVID-19, migrant boats continue to arrive on the Italian coasts. And with them also the coronavirus, since eight have landed in Sicily positive immigrants to the virus.

In the last hours, in fact, a Lampedusa they came – left from tunisia – eight boats, for a total of over one hundred people: 114 to be exact. To this number we must add the 43 immigrants on board the Ionian sea, the ship of the Mediterranean NGO Saving Humans. Yes, because the Ministry of the Interior has assigned the port of landing of Augusta, between Syracuse and Catania, to the non-governmental organization.

Meanwhile, the NGO rescued 47 other people drifting from days south of Lampedusa, in Maltese waters. And on the way, currently offshore, there are other boats.

We said about the docking agreed by the Interior Ministry of Luciana Lamorgesehere, around eight o’clock this morning the Ionian Sea arrived in the proto di Augusta. The Italian NGO went to the rescue of these 43 migrants at dawn on 29 June: “They were on board a boat full of water and overloaded, at risk of sinking. Now they are safe on our ship. Welcome!”, writes the NGO on their social profiles.

On the landing there is a yellow card, raised by the League secretary Matteo Salvini, according to which among the 43 migrants – including 17 unaccompanied minors – there could be coronavirus positive people: not one, but perhaps even eight. For this reason the political leader of the Carroccio asked for light from the owner of the Interior Ministry: “We ask the Minister of the Interior to confirm the news according to which among the 43 landed yesterday in Augusta, Sicily, by the ship NGO Mare Jonio (the ship of the social centers) there are not one but as many as 8 positive Covid-19 cases “.

The alarm was also raised by the governor of Sicily In the Musumeci, who said to evaluate the establishment of the red zone: “Of the 43 immigrants landed in Augusta, eight tested positive for Coronavirus. They are in Noto and not on a ship at anchor as the Sicilian government had asked; the state says that the ship costs too much. And therefore they can be accommodated in Known, where they already are. Noto, pearl of our tourism “. Then attack: “Why the quarantine on dry land? Why nobody informs us about the real conditions of the camps in Libya? These are questions Rome has a duty to answer. I will check at this point if there is no need to order the red area around the structure that houses immigrants”.

The confirmation of the NGO

Now the official confirmation has also arrived from the NGO itself, which admitted the positivity of eight migrants: “We have been informed by the health authorities that 8 of the 43 laryngopharyngeal swabs carried out yesterday afternoon on people landed in Augusta by the Jonio Sea ship were positive at Covid-19”. Mediterranea Saving Humans, in the note adds: “The crew of the Ionian Sea ship is now at anchor in the port of Augusta, already in quarantine”.

Meanwhile on board the Ocean Viking, at sea for eight days, there are 180 migrants on board and at least for the moment neither Valletta nor Rome have granted the ship a landing permit. And always in the meantime, in the area Agrigento, one of the many ghost landings was recorded, with about twenty Tunisians (according to law enforcement estimates) landed on the beach of San Leone at sunset, then fleeing the streets. The agents are engaged in the search for migrants who, moreover, according to the protocols on the prevention of Coronavirus, must be subjected to the quarantine.

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