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After the hands stretched out, the openings on the My and the willingness to collaborate in a dramatic moment like this, now there are very heavy words of Silvio Berlusconi versus Giuseppe Conte. The extension of the state of emergency for coronavirus until the end of the year. The fact of adopting “extraordinary means, adapted to the gravity” of the context, cannot become “a pretext for a substantial suspension of some fundamental constitutional guarantees”. Thus the leader of Forza Italia in a letter published on The print. Therefore, Berlusconi calls for “a clear and transparent control of Parliament over executive decisions”.

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The Cav underlines how until today Conte “has chosen to avoid parliamentary passages, with the use of the tool of the Dpcm, but not for this has gained in speed or efficiency of decisions “. But a vote in Parliament” with the declared willingness of the opposition to avoid, of course, any obstructionist attitude, it would not have extended the decision time in any way that in some cases were necessary, but which often proved contradictory and ineffective and that precisely with the debate in Parliament they could have been improved and perfected “.

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In short, it is too much. Even for Berlusconi, to whom this substantial suspension of democracy already denounced by the opposition does not go down, Matteo Salvini e Giorgia Meloni primarily. The leader of Forza Italia then reiterates the willingness to collaborate with the executive but clarifies that that “precisely for this reason we would judge incomprehensible on the merits and the decision to force the Constitution still unacceptable from a procedural point of view and the transparency of the democratic process. “Berlusconi recalls that in democracy” form is substance “, therefore he explains that the willingness to collaborate will be” closely linked to respect for popular sovereignty, starting from every hypothesis of extension of the state of emergency ” , he concludes.

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