State of emergency, masks and distance until July 31st. Then extension until New Year


State of emergency, Dpcm and extension of the state of emergency by the Conte government: here is the road map of the executive dealing with the coronavirus. On Tuesday in the Senate, Health Minister Roberto Speranza will illustrate the new Prime Minister’s decree (Dpcm) which will last until 31 July. It is therefore a matter of extending the rules of phase 3, which entered into force on 15 June and expire precisely on 14 July.

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Use of masks mandatory

Among these, the most important are: subjects with a fever higher than 37.5 degrees must remain at home, the protocols that provide for the distancing in public places and sanitation, the use of masks mandatory on public transport. Hope will therefore illustrate the Dpcm and then there will be a vote by the Senate – a resolution – on this provision. Which, we repeat, expires on July 31st. The resolution will be majority, therefore of M5S-Pd-Iv-Leu.

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State of emergency, what it entails

Then, by the end of the month, the Council of Ministers will extend it with a resolution state of emergency until 31 December 2020 (as anticipated by the Messenger: read here). And it will be Conte who will illustrate this initiative to the Chambers. This will be followed by another vote, another resolution. Always a majority to which, there is to bet, one of the opposition will also be opposed. In the Dpcm that will illustrate there will be a knot to untie: from discotheques which are closed until 14 July until the quarantine for flights from the 14 countries recommended by the European Commission and then the stop to direct flights at risk for epidemiological problems in 13 countries.

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State of emergency, spacing and masks until July 31st. Then the extension until New Year

Count: never said that a decision on a state of emergency is made

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