State of emergency, extension until July 31st. Masks, discos, beaches: here are the rules


Three articles. Not even ten lines in all. All with the same formula: the measures remain extended until 31 July. It is the draft of the Dpcm which will be illustrated in the Senate by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza this afternoon and which this evening will be signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. The «agile working methods, where they can be carried out at home or remotely» are therefore confirmed. In other words, smart working.

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At the same time, they also extend to July 31st the possibility of “incentivizing holidays and paid leave for employees” and the obligation to adopt “anti-contagion safety protocols and, where it is not possible to respect the interpersonal distance of at least one meter as the main containment measure, with the adoption of personal protection tools “. There is also an obligation to sanitize the workplace. As regards schools, the June document provided for the suspension of didactic activities in the presence and, in this period of summer closure, the possibility of using the spaces of the school buildings for «recreational, recreational and educational activities, not school or formal, without any prejudice for the activities of educational institutions “.

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In hospitals, for those accompanying patients, it is still forbidden to stop in the waiting rooms of the emergency and reception departments and emergency rooms, as well as visits to patients, both in hospitals and in residences for the elderly, remain limited “to only cases indicated by the facility’s health management, which is required to take the necessary measures to prevent possible transmission of infection “. Lastly, until 31 July the guidelines for safe access to the beaches are in force, keeping social distances and reducing the risk of infection. Go on with the mandatory masks in offices, restaurants, shops, cinemas and museums. The same goes for those who get on public transport: planes, trains, buses, trams and metro. From tomorrow, the obligation to bring outdoor protective devices will fall, provided that the distance of at least one meter can be respected. Indoor discos, however, will not be able to return to normal activity, the same for festivals and fairs . The Hope line, devoted to caution, is immovable: “The virus is still among us.”

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For the state of emergency in Italy, however, a different line is emerging: within the month the council of ministers will express itself, with a resolution, to extend it (it expires on 31 July). At the moment the most probable hypothesis concerns in the meantime a mini-extension until October 31, hypothesis circulated by Palazzo Chigi. Letter 150, the think tank that brings together 250 university professors, magistrates and intellectuals, who launched an appeal to the head of state “so that there are no unjustified and serious breakages of constitutional legitimacy”. Even Roberto Fico, president of the Chamber, calls the government to the centrality of Parliament on anti-covid rules.
The aspect of the stop on entry into Italy from countries at risk remains. There were 13 countries indicated in the ordinance of 9 July of Minister Speranza, but their number is being examined by experts from the Ministry of Health and could vary. The new Dpcm could also provide for the possibility of immediate repatriation. There are also reasons for other countries to which the bans should be extended: Pakistan and India, and individual states of the United States if the RT index were to rise above 1.1. But for the time being, the ministries of health and foreign affairs exclude restrictive measures. However, Thursday 16, the CTS will meet again for an examination on the DCPM and the new guidelines: as in the past, scientists reserve the right to intervene with new suggestions according to the contagions, especially for entries from other foreign states.

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The measures until 31 July

Masks. The obligation to wear it in shops, public offices, restaurants will be confirmed.
And on the means of transport: planes, buses, metro, trains.

Fairs and festivals. Fairs, festivals and patronal feasts will not resume: in fact, the stop to gatherings remains, considered too dangerous for the transmission of the virus.

discos. Even the nightlife of the kids will suffer a slip. Indoor discos will continue to remain closed. The discussion on gatherings always applies.

Beaches. Physical distancing and masks on the premises, but also on the bathing establishments.
The government plans to step up police checks

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