Stardew Valley gets physical version for PC and Switch •


Standard Edition en Collector’s Edition.

Stardew Valley gets a physical version for both the PC and Switch. The Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition will be available from November 6, 2020.

The simulation game has been playable on PC and Switch since 2016 and 2017, but was previously only available digitally. There are now two physical editions of the game for both platforms.

In addition to the Standard Edition, there is also a Collector’s Edition of Stardew Valley. In addition to the main game and specially designed case, that edition includes a wooden pin, wooden standee, Junimo comic, polyester-nylon cleaning cloth and paper Deed of Land that is partly made of recycled cane.

Both editions are only available through Fangamer at the time of writing. If you place a pre-order before August 15, you will receive a poster in addition to the above.


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