Stanzione draws back: “We don’t deal anymore”


The Stanzione group draws back. It is with a press release that the Roman property developer together with his three partners informs the end of the negotiation in an irremediable way ‘with great regret and with profound irritation as it was conducted in the finale by the other party‘. The group linked to Massimo Londrosi intervenes with a press note after the words of La Cava, enraged by the banner that the Curva Sud has delivered to his home.

“We learn from an interview with President Giorgio La Cava of two events that have never hitherto emerged during the negotiations with the group represented by Dr. Stanzione: that the company it is sold as it is to anyone interested and that “a Roman entrepreneur a hundred times stronger than me, whose name I do not respect, had come forward to take over Arezzo. After this banner I stopped everything, I called him and I having said that nothing is done and that perhaps it is better that he does not invest in football “. We are literally stunned and amazed as expressed.
On the one hand, we learned, moreover through the newspapers and not directly from the president or his delegated professionals, that the president intends to sell, or rather to tackle the company, with all the burdens that he carries with him (debt, management costs, rescheduling to be carried out, multi-year contracts, etc.), just as it is to anyone interested: as far as we are concerned, these were not the agreements and preventive agreements, as well specified since the meeting between the parties held last June 19 at the offices of Dr. Stanzione in Rome. On the other hand, we are informed that, while we are waiting to know the outcome of the ongoing negotiations with the members for the reduction of the emoluments, of which at that meeting the president had taken charge with the aim that two salaries were paid of the four expiring or expired, the president had already organized a meeting with another interested party the acquisition of the company already making an appointment with the notary for next Thursday.
The group represented by Dr. Andrea Stanzione is composed of serious entrepreneurs, owners of business activities known at national level, who have never, in their professional life, found themselves in a similar condition: none of them are willing to be teased or be exploited.
What revealed with the evening interview by President Giorgio La Cava is attributable to an unacceptable, incorrect and disrespectful conduct of the interlocutors who up to this evening have instead shown themselves seriously interested in taking over the shares of Arezzo under the conditions envisaged.
Negotiation therefore regarding the group represented by Dr. Andrea Stanzione it ends irretrievably here, with great regret and with deep irritation as it was conducted in the final by the other side “.

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Now the future of Arezzo is really hanging by a thread.

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