Stadio della Roma, Codacons sends a warning to the mayor Raggi


ROME STADIUM CODACONS RAYS – The Codacons, as reported by LaPresse, sent a warning to the mayor of Rome – Virginia Raggi – and to all city councilors on the matter Roma stadium, in which he is told not to give the green light to the Tor di Valle project: “It is learned that by Monday the councilors would intend to give the green light to the final vote of the Stadio della Roma project to eventually use the stadium as a campaign object electoral. In light of the imminent vote, we cannot fail to underline again how such a project in the Tor di Valle area is currently unworkable without harming the community. In fact, on the Tor di Valle area it is not possible to build the Stadium and the connected shopping center, as this area is not only at hydrogeological risk as regards the Fosso del Vallerano, but lastly there was also the danger of flooding of the Tiber River as it results from the recent update of the Tiber Basin Plan. The Polytechnic of Turin also stated that there are several critical issues on the mobility front that ‘the only unification of the Ostiense with the sea route and the simultaneous construction of the Congress bridge’ desired in the initial project, cannot solve. These problems concern the congestion of the GRA and the current inadequacy of the Rome-Lido and Fl1 railway service. The project then, as presented, presents a high risk for public safety since the work being built does not have multiple escape routes so as to allow the orderly evacuation of places in emergencies “.

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