Spotted a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo prototype: the camouflage is very strange


About a year has passed since Porsche officially confirmed the existence of the E Cross Turismo, which was supposed to be a crossover concept based on the same technological platform as the Taycan.

Now we can confirm this hypothesis with certainty, as the incoming Cross Tourism by the end of 2020 it will only be the first in a series of cars based on the new electric platform. However, a series of specimens in the prototype stage have already been spotted on the street, and it seems that the way to production is imminent.

The video you can see above was recorded by a user on the German Autobahn. The enthusiast was really lucky to catch a Taycan Cross Turismo, which shows a very strange one camouflage on the rear lights, of a type that we have rarely seen before. The clip lasts about a minute, and allows us to take a look at various elements of the electric station wagon.

As we have already said, these specimens will soon reach the production lines. Therefore, even if Porsche is treating them as mysterious objects not to be revealed, we do not expect big changes from this moment to the official debut. What is sure is the change of LEDs rear, which according to rumors will be more flashy than ever.

The general shapes clearly highlight big similarities between Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo, with the obvious discrepancy regarding the last quarter of the car. As with the standard Taycan we expect one identical diversification of the range: there will be 4S, Turbo and Turbo S variants, which will offer variable power between 530 and 761 horsepower.

In conclusion, staying near Stuttgart, we would like to show you this Porsche 911 “Safari”, modified by Kelly-Moss Road and Race to bring it to unprecedented off-road behavior. Also noteworthy is the extremely rare Porsche 935, which has fascinated everyone thanks to its sound on the track.

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