spotted a nice cameo in the early stages of the game


Naughty Dog is now widely known for its tendency to include in its titles a large number of references to other works, or tributes to certain characters. Well, even in The Last of Us Part 2 they have not denied themselves.

In the very early stages of the game, for example, it is possible to spot a nice cameo, quite simple to miss, but actually quite obvious. The details on the latter, of course, could constitute an unwelcome anticipation, but we specify that theNPC is located in the initial stages of the title and that the character has no particular value for the purpose of the plot of The Last of Us Part 2. Therefore consider accordingly whether to consider it a spoiler or not and whether to continue reading.

At the start of the adventure of The Last of Us Part 2, in the role of Ellie it is possible to move relatively freely within the settlement of Jackson. Along the way, an affectionate dog will meet us, inviting us to give him some caresses. If you pay attention to its owner, however, you may notice a somewhat familiar face. As you can verify at the bottom of this news, it is none other than Gustavo Santaolalla, composer of the soundtrack of The Last of Us Part 2. Man is even accompanied by his faithful banjo! Did you notice it?

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