Spotify Premium Duo available in Italy, and it is very convenient: price and details –


Spotify Premium Duo at the time of writing it is officially available in Italy. It is a new type of subscription package of the famous on demand music service, perfect for couples. You will understand this by reading all the details contained in this quick article.

Let’s start right from details of Spotify Premium Duo: The subscription plan has two separate Premium subscriptions, except for a playlist known as Duo Mix: the latter will “learn” the listening habits of the two users, offering some songs that are perfect for their needs. People who sign up for the Spotify Premium Duo subscription will have to live in the same place; the benefits are then the same as Spotify Premium, therefore no advertising, on-demand listening, access to 50 million tracks and access to one million podcasts.

For what concern price, Spotify Premium Duo it’s very convenient. It is offered at 12.99 euros per month, compared to 9.99 euros for a single Premium subscription and 14.99 euros for a family subscription.

Spotify recently met the world of video games: Resident Evil 2 and many other Capcom games have indeed brought their soundtracks into the music service on demand.

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