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Sports legend Mika Halvari recalls Jacket Ruonansuu – Athletics


The two chemical stars known to the entire nation became friends in the 1990s.

artiste Jope Ruonansuu died on Saturday at the age of 56. The matter was confirmed to Ilta-Sanomat by Ruonansuu’s long-term manager.

Ilta-Sanomat reached Ruonansuu’s long-time friend, the ball legend of athletics fields Mika Halvarin. Both great men are from Kemi.

– This is simply shocking news. The grief is hard, Halvari says on the phone.

Halvari says that Ruonansuu was also a very funny man among friends.

– At first he might have been prepared, but when he met him, that humor always came out.

Known as a comedian, Jope Ruonansuu was photographed in 2007.

Gentlemen became friends in the 1990s, when both were the most famous faces in the country.

– We haven’t had much contact lately, but every time we met, the atmosphere was really warm.

For the first time, Halvari remembers seeing Ruonansuu at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s.

– We had Kemi days like that. A stage was always made there and Jope was there to date and imitate. I watched, perhaps at the age of ten, admiring the edge of the stage. We didn’t know each other at the time.

Ruonansuu reported in the spring of 2018 about a cancerous tumor found in the esophagus. He then withdrew from publicity.

Cancer is also an unfortunate disease for the ball hero.

– Thyroid cancer took my mother. A completely healthy person went to the hospital and 23 days later it was goodbye, Halvari says to be true.

Coach Janne Palokangas (left) and manager Esa Palokangas celebrated Götegorg’s 1995 World Championship silver with Mika Halvar.

Mika Halvari raced in the 90s with three medals of honor in a ball circle and was nicknamed Kemin fairy. Jacket Ruonansuu was on citizens’ televisions and radio receivers on various weekly entertainment programs.

– When I came to the World Cup in Gothenburg with a silver medal around my neck, Jope donated a beach plot from my yard next to the fountain. It was meter by meter in size, an athletics legend laughingly reminiscent of the humorous gift of a friend twinkling as a star in the entertainment sky.

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