Special PS5 TVs with additional features revealed


With the slogan “Ready for PlayStation 5”, Sony is launching a new line-up of televisions. It concerns the XH90 4K HDR Full Array LED and ZH8 8K HDR Full Array LED models. The latter gives players the opportunity to prepare for 8K in advance, while the XH90 offers a 4K HDR experience.

Both screens are equipped with the special Bravia Gaming Mode, so the televisions automatically switch to them low latency switch setting. You can also start your PS5 and TV with the DualSense controller. Conversely, the television’s remote control also works on your PS5, although we do not recommend that for playing games.

High frame rates on the PS5

With the televisions you can also expect a high frame rate. Both TVs have the ability to run games at 120 fps, provided the PS5 also supports this of course. For the XH90 4K HDR Full Array LED, it even applies that 120 fps can be rotated with a maximum imput lag of 7.2 ms.

At the moment it is still unclear to what extent the PlayStation 5 will use these next-gen features. The Xbox Series X is known to run, for example, Ori and the Will of the Wisps at 120 fps. Also 8K will be possible with that console. Sony will provide more clarity about this in the coming months before the release of the PS5.


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