Spanish GP increasingly uncertain after negative travel advice for Barcelona


The coronavirus seemed to have taken a short break, but is now slowly flaring up again in different parts of the world. This was also the case in Barcelona, ​​which was reason for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convert the travel advice to the city of Barcelona and peripheral municipalities into ‘negative’. What does this mean for the Spanish Grand Prix?

The corona virus has left a big mark on the 2020 season of Formula 1. People have struggled to organize as many races as possible, but the pandemic is not exactly cooperating. Just now that it started to look a bit more positive, a second wave is emerging. The Spanish Grand Prix in particular seems to be compromised at the moment. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has immediately issued a negative travel advice for Barcelona and peripheral municipalities. The Spanish city has gone from code yellow to orange. This means that the risk of contamination has increased to such an extent that tourism is urgently discouraged. Anyone who has been in Barcelona should be quarantined.

This has also not gone unnoticed by the British government, which is why they indicated a few days ago that everyone should be quarantined when returning from Spain. Not really positive messages with the Spanish Grand Prix in the offing. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya may not be in the middle of the city, but it is not really a long drive. For the time being, people are not being taken back from Barcelona, ​​but a visit to the Spanish city is urgently not recommended.

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The question is whether Formula 1 wants to take the risk at all. Last weekend it was announced that the race will continue as planned for the time being, but the FIA ​​and F1 are keeping a close eye on the situation. If things really get out of hand in the southern European country, the question remains which path to take. Is there possibly a possibility on a different circuit? People were already speculating about a possible third GP in Great Britain, but these stories were also quickly debunked. One thing is certain: the FIA ​​and Formula 1 are waiting with pinched buttocks to see how the situation develops in Spain.

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