SPAL, press release of the Curva Ovest: “No to the quota curve”


Below is the press release of the Curva Ovest Ferrara, in reference to the second banner hanging in front of the club headquarters yesterday: “As you know, we already spoke on the subject in the press release of June 16. Today, that the contingent opening of Paolo Mazza seems to be imminent, we reiterate the concept with a banner displayed in the Center of Via Copparo. This company has given us a lot, we will always be grateful and grateful for all they have done for Ferrara and for our fans, but today is the time for choices common, mutual respect. The championship, in these conditions, should not start again and now the specter of seeing steps populated by an aseptic and spaced audience is real and concrete. We ask that at least the Curva Ovest, the beating heart of the blue-and-white cheering, choirs and colors, the aggregative fulcrum of the city, do not suffer this havoc. We are sure that the 700 curve subscribers who have not requested a refund of the subscription and that they will be entitled to return, for the sake of the curve itself, they will understand and support our legitimate request. The curve without typhus is no longer the West and taking a seat in another sector will make no difference. Football without its people is nothing and now, even if there are no alternatives and we understand the rules put in place to contain a health emergency, it is time to give a tangible signal that SPAL is on the side of its fans. Let’s wait for the right moment and enjoy the West in all its splendor! “.


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