Sony announces SRS-LSR200 portable TV speaker


Do you ever complain that you can no longer hear the speakers of your television when you change rooms? Then the Sony SRS-LSR200 is for you.

Sony today introduces the SRS-LSR200 wireless TV speakers. With this speaker set, you no longer have to commit to a fixed location, so you can continue to listen to your favorite TV program perfectly while you prepare food in the kitchen, sit on the terrace with the family or take a quick bath.

SRS-LSR200 Sony

Three loudspeakers

The SRS-LSR200 features three built-in speakers (two stereo speakers and a voice speaker) that, according to Sony, will provide clear and natural range over a wide listening area. Voice Zoom is used, a technology that optimizes the sound frequencies of dialogues in films or series. This is of course always an advantage, but the technology would be extra useful for hearing-impaired family members. The portability of the speaker also ensures that you can easily place it closer. This certainly seems practical, because the quality of TV speakers is often below par, but not everyone invests in a good soundbar.


Older target group

The Sony speaker is equipped with a handle, so you can easily move it or just take it with you on holiday or to a second home. In addition, the SRS-LSR200 has a built-in remote control that is compatible with the brands Sony, Hitachi, LG, Loewe, Panasonic, Philips, SAMSUNG, SHARP and Toshiba. The buttons are also large enough that they are easy to use for everyone, just like the rotary knob that controls the volume.

SRS-LSR200 Sony

Sony clearly focuses on the older user with this speaker, and we also see that with the charging dock, which is color-coded that correspond to the cables of the SRS-LSR200, which you only have to connect to your television. If you take the speaker off the dock, you can listen for 13 hours. Thanks to the 2.4Ghz wireless connection, this should also be possible without interference.

The SRS-LSR200 will be available in the Benelux from September for € 220.00.

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