Small Notes -The arrest of Maxwell and the return of the Epstein case


The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s companion of snacks, arouses interest, given that a scandal returns to the limelight for a few days, before being dormant, made the most powerful areas of the world tremble.

Epstein was accused of pedophilia and child trafficking and thrown into prison, in which he was suicidal (he or whoever cares little).

But her playmate, whose responsibilities were evident from the beginning, was not immediately pursued, so much so that she was able to safely expatriate and take refuge in France, whose legislation could defend her from a possible arrest warrant. Extradition to the US, in fact, would have been almost impossible.

So it is strange that she returned to America, where she was then arrested by the FBI, who woke up after a long sleep. In the meantime, the various residences of Epstein, at least those that are known, have been cleaned of everything that could lead back to how many – really many – have attended them.

So the monumental residence in New York, so the Zorro ranch in New Mexico, so the island of Saint James in the Virgin Islands, whose undergrounds have known unspeakable horrors that will remain secret.

None of the many visitors to those places, rich, very rich, powerful, very powerful, will never be investigated.

People who certainly must have been in the circle of the powerful with whom Epstein had relationships. And he had many (on the New York Post, for example, Maxwell’s invitation to a Jeff Bezos private party, while the meetings between Bill Gates and Epstein, on whom the US tycoon made a public fine).

These are tycoons who donate mountains of money to the most important newspapers in the world, finance politicians and institutions all over the world, so much so that the media generally describe them as “benefactors”. They cannot be touched.

So also the arrest of Maxwell will not serve to nail that world, too powerful, but to inguaare only some of these, however someone who is already known in the news. The toto-names has started: there are those who say that only Prince Andrew will be nailed to bring down the British Crown, those who Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary.

But there are also those who point to the wild boar, that is Trump, even if of the many powerful who have surrounded him, he is the only one whose countertrend is known: having hosted him in one of his facilities, Epstein had molested a waitress and he was chased out immediately.

We will see if and how the story will evolve. Meanwhile, the well-known lawyer Alan Dershowitz, one of the most powerful in America, in relations, he said, lawful, with Epstein, has drawn up a public defense of Maxwell, perhaps in the hope that he will choose him as a defender, as his partner already did of snacks. It serves above all to protect himself, but also that world he represents.

Expect striking surprises from this investigation would be in vain. Maxwell probably already knows what she has to say and what she doesn’t. But maybe some glimmer could open it.

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