Small Classes and Zoom Studies: This is how the school year will open


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Today, the Ministry of Education publishes the outline for the opening of the 2012-2001 school year in educational institutions, which will include regular studies for the lower grades, hybrid studies for the middle grades and studies from home for the upper grades.

The rationale behind the outline is to allow as many studies as possible at the lowest risk for students and especially teachers and gives local authorities and schools the option to decide for themselves on the dosage for internal studies, depending on their logistical options.

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Main outline of return to school

According to the outline, kindergartens and grades 1-2 will, as usual, study in full grades. Rationale: Low risk on the part of students in the face of great difficulty in distance learning.

Grades 3-4 will learn In split classes (up to 18 students), as much as possible within the school, To enable close study. The rest of the material will be learned through digital distance learning. The rationale: on the one hand a desire to study in the classroom and on the other hand a desire to prevent risk to students and teachers.

6th grades: At least two days a week In split classes At school and the rest in distance learning.

Grades 7-12: Distance learning, And the possibility of learning in split classrooms according to the logistical capacity of the school and the local authority to allocate classrooms.

All classes will be required to wear masks in accordance with Ministry of Health procedures (from age 7 onwards). To avoid risk to teachers, the Ministry of Education is currently examining options for special protection for the teacher’s place, or personal protection on the teacher’s face.

Education Minister Yoav Galant said this was the biggest logistical task he had ever undertaken. According to him, the Ministry of Education is making every effort to reach a situation where they learn as much as possible within the schools as many days a week as possible.

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