small change of plans, Insigne, Gattuso and Mertens acclaimed [FOTOGALLERY e VIDEO CN24]



source: by our correspondent, Marco Lombardi
Napoli has arrived at Palazzo Caracciolo: small change of plans, Insigne, Gattuso and acclaimed Mertens [FOTOGALLERY e VIDEO CN24]

Football news Naples, the blues have arrived at Palazo Caracciolo, the venue of the retreat, in view of this evening’s match against Milan

Latest football Napoli – Napoli is arriving at Palazzo Caracciolo for retirement ahead of tonight’s match against Milan. The blues, after lunch and afternoon rest, will go to the San Paolo stadium. Insigne, Gattuso and Mertens acclaimed. There was a small change of plans with the team that finished the finish at San Paolo before coming to the Hotel, unlike what happened last week and today’s schedule.

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