Slaughtered at home at dawn by a 25 year old. The husband is very serious


A 69-year-old woman was Throat Cut in his home in Jesi at dawn, using a glass fragment. A 25-year-old boy with mental problems was arrested by law enforcement officers. The victim’s husband is also very serious.

The crime took place this morning, Friday 3 July, at dawn, around 5.30 am, in a condominium in via Saveri, at the gates of the Jesina industrial area, in the city of Jesi, in the province of Ancona. According to a first reconstruction, a man would have entered the apartment located on the ground floor, after having broken through a glass. With a fragment he would have chased and assaulted the woman, Fiorella Scarponi, slaughtering her. The blow that was delivered to her throat was unfortunately fatal.

A 25-year-old man stained with blood has been stopped

A 25 year old was arrested for investigations by the police. The boy was allegedly blocked by the military as he wandered around the area wearing bloodstained clothes. For the victim, there was nothing to do: the 118 rescue workers who intervened were only able to see his death. While for the consort there is still a faint hope that he can save himself. In fact, even the husband Scarponi has been attacked and is currently in very serious conditions. It is Italo Giuliani, 74 years old, president of Libertas, a women’s volleyball team. The man was urgently transported to the Torrette regional hospital in Ancona and for now the prognosis is confidential. It appears that Giuliani was caught up and hit while he was trying to escape.

The victim was slaughtered

Both the police and the carabinieri intervened on the site. The neighbors, listened to by the police, said they had heard screams, noises of broken furniture and requests for help. It appears that the arrested person, as well as the alleged person responsible for what happened, has been identified and that it is a subject residing in the neighborhood, who has been under treatment for some time for psychic problems previous. The details of the boy, who according to some rumors would be a neighbor of the attacked couple, have not yet been disclosed. The 25-year-old was also transported to the hospital and then taken to the barracks. However, it seems that the murder weapon is a fragment of the shattered glass to be able to enter the spouses’ apartment. The men of the SC are inside the house and are taking care of the findings and the first investigations. The murder at least for now would be completely inexplicable.

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