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At the much-discussed trial of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp against the British newspaper The sun, the sister of Amber Heard, the ex-wife of the actor, spoke on Thursday. She told how she saw Depp beat her sister. “I got sick when I heard they were getting married,” she said.

Whitney Henriquez’s testimony left no doubt about what Amber Depp’s older sister, Johnny Depp’s, thinks. “When I first met him, he seemed very sweet,” said Henriquez. “We became close and were like brother and sister. But I saw from the beginning that his relationship with my sister was tumultuous. He could scold her and say he loved her in the same sentence, with the same passion. I remember when he often said that she was an ugly fat whore, he loved her. ”

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There was indeed physical violence, Henriquez said. She saw that from the beginning. “I quickly saw bruises, cuts and burns on her arms.” Once, in March 2015, she saw Depp attack her sister in the actor’s penthouse in Los Angeles. “He reached out to push me aside so he could hit her. But instead he hit me. Amber immediately hit him, after which it got out of hand. He grabbed her by the hair with one hand and hit her in the face with the other hand. Several times.”

She testified in London court that she still remembers how she felt when her sister announced she was getting married to Depp. “I got nauseous,” said Henriquez. “I begged her not to do it. Having him put a ring around your finger isn’t going to stop him from hitting you, I told her. ”

The marriage between Depp and Heard lasted two years, from 2015 to 2017. Heard is the crown witness of The sun on the trial that Johnny Depp brought against them.

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