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After the long period of suspension for the health emergency, the Camollia 85 Green Area in Siena continues with the events in the garden, respecting every precaution due, with a big news: the outdoor cinema, which has been called “Cinema al Verde “… with a busy opening: a real small Fellini festival.If on the Fellini centenary the trio – Lo Sceicco Bianco (Thursday 9), with Alberto Sordi (another centenary from birth), 8 and 1/2 (Monday 17) and Amarcord (Thursday 16) – distributed by the Cineteca di Bologna, with their splendid restorations, needs no introduction, two words deserve the opening documentary masterpiece, Monday 6 July, Raoul Peck’s I Am Not Your Negro (with Samuel L. Jackson, James Baldwin, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X) , 2016 (release 21/03/2017), United States / France / Belgium / Switzerland, 93 minutes (English language with Italian subtitles, prize: Audience Award Panorama Berlin 2017, nomination: Oscar for Best Documentary).

I Am Not Your Negro touches the lives and murders of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Medgar Evers to clarify how the image of blacks in America is being built and strengthened today. Medgar Evers, died June 12, 1963. Malcolm X, died February 21, 1965. Martin Luther King Jr., died April 4, 1968. Over the course of 5 years, these three men have been murdered. Important men in the history of the United States of America and beyond. These men were black, but it is not the color of their skin that brought them together. They fought in different areas and in different ways, but all were ultimately considered dangerous because they brought the racial issue to light. James Baldwin fell in love with these people and wanted to show the connections and similarities between these individuals by writing about them. And he did it through the unfinished script Remember This House.

James Baldwin was one of the greatest North American writers of the second half of the 1900s and a brilliant social critic capable of predicting ruinous “trends” that we live in the western world and beyond, maintaining a sense of humanity, hope and dignity. He has been able to explore racial and sexual complexities and class differences as evident as they are ignored. He had an unparalleled ability to understand history, politics and most of all the human condition. Even today, James Baldwin’s words come by surprise like a punch in the stomach. Difficult to find something as precise, subtle and incisive as the writings of this man. Baldwin’s thoughts are still as effective as the day they were first expressed. His analyzes, his judgments, his verdicts, are more current than when they were written. In today’s American context, the violence and confusion condemned by him continue, trivialized and distorted by information, the media, Hollywood and politics.

All films are scheduled at 9.15 pm.

Wednesday 8 July at 20:00
MM. SHAHIN in concert, with Arian’s voice

Welcome MM guest. Shahin, in Arian’s voice, in concert entitled “Where were we staying …?”. The initiative, with free admission, is promoted by the Auser district of Siena.
The musician M.M. Shahin – who traveled the city streets flooding them with poignant notes during the emergency medical period – was born in Tehran in Iran in 1998 where he acquired a perfect knowledge of both classical and modern music and the mastery of various instruments such as the violin, the piano, the acoustic and electric guitar. Since the age of 18 he has held several concerts in Tehran as a solo violinist and orchestra leader musician.

Wednesday 22 July at 6.30 pm
“My beasts, the ironic nursery rhymes about animals”inspired by the fantasy world of popular and medieval bestiaries and the collection of short stories by Federigo Tozzi

Concert show by and with Francesco Burroni, on the piano Joseph Nowell

Nursery rhymes between serious and facetious, at the limit of non-sense and tongue twister dedicated to real and fantastic animals, which enhance the sonority of the language, verbal games, rhymes and internal assonances, the musicality of rhythm and verse. Each animal has a problem to solve, a taboo to dispel, a teaching to give away. So, for example, we will discover that the snappers are not identical at all but rather have their own specific identity, the lobsters are not so difficult, the quail easily if it melts, the walrus looks sideways to the walrus, the porcupines organize artistic happenings, the lynx wins but does not convince, the ladybug is the twin sister of Mr. Cocci Nello, the bulldog appreciates Renoir and Van Gogh, the snake does not crawl, the gecko plays the game of the goose and the hummingbird speaks everything like this: piripì piripì Piripi!

In short, after Aesop, La Fontaine and Trilussa here is a new and playful overview of the animal world that remakes the world of humans … or vice versa.

A concert-show suitable for young and old, and in particular for adults who still know how to be children.

No booking has been established for the events – and will be held in the Garden with all due caution – the entrance will be from via del Romitorio, 4 (universal accessibility from via Camollia 85, after contacting cell 347 8838818).

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