Ships Koen Anciaux victim of identity theft (Mechelen)


Ships Koen Anciaux was shocked to see a stranger posing as the politician on Instagram on Saturday. — © Joren De Weerdt


Mechelen ships Koen Anciaux was the victim of identity theft last weekend. A stranger created a fake account on Instagram that looked like two drops of water to Anciaux’s and angled for his friends’ contact and banking details.

It was a shock for Mechelen ships Koen Anciaux (Vld-Groen-m +) when he discovered on Saturday that a stranger posed as the politician on Instagram. “Someone created an account that looked exactly like mine,” it sounds. “The photos were exactly the same. There was only a difference in the username. There was Koen Anciauxx, with double x. The account also contacted some Facebook friends. ”

Bizarre message

The unknown angled among Anciaux’s friends for bank and contact details. “It started with the bizarre message ‘Can you write me your mobile number?'” Anciaux explains. “Most people didn’t fall for it, but some still gave their phone number. They received an SMS with a code that they have to enter somewhere, which a number of people have actually done. Fortunately, no one suffered any damage, although someone had their bank card blocked preventively. ”

The account has since been removed and the police have launched an investigation into its founder. It is not the first time Anciaux has been a victim of identity theft. “A few years ago, my photos were used on a French Facebook account. They did use a different name. It always gives a dirty feeling. ”

Stijn Van de Sande

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