She cannot have children, the 51-year-old mother is pregnant to make her dream come true


Chicago, United States of America. Breanna and Aaron Lockwoodafter several attempts, they had stopped hoping to have a son one day. The 29 year old, however, had not thought of being able to count on the support of her mother …

After undergoing 476 injections, 8 in vitro fertilization embryo transfers, 7 surgeries, 2 miscarriages – one of them with twins – and an ectopic pregnancy, Breanna had happened to be sterile. The 51-year-old mother, however, was ready for anything.

¬ęBreanna had wanted to become a mother since she was a child. When you see your daughter struggling with infertility, do everything possible to help her, “he said Julie Loving to the Washington Post.

After implanting an embryo of her daughter and her husband’s sperm into her uterus in February, the woman became pregnant. The story was shared on Instagram.

Breanna recounted her past, especially the past three years with her husband trying to have a child. After some miscarriages, the woman explained that she was feeling very bad.

“My mental health was terrible. I was unable to get out of bed and was struggling with the fact that I could never have a son. It was like being in mourning, “he added.

Breanna, however, was fortunate to have a mother who decided to make her dream come true because in the USA the cost of a surrogate mother costs about $ 200,000, about $ 178,000.

For Breanna ¬ęshe is no different from a surrogate mother who carries someone else’s baby and I actually prefer her to be my mother because I feel more connected. My mother is my best friend. In addition to my own body, I couldn’t think of anyone else that I would have preferred to have my baby compared to my mother. ”

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