Sexual violence on 15-year-old peers nailed by video. Mom: “Now justice”


Grosseto, 2 July 2020 – There would be a vid eo nailing the three boys, perpetrators of alleged violence to a fifteen year old. Aberrant images that they would be filmed while they were just making their insane gesture in an apartment in Marina di Grosseto. The fact would have happened during a party, organized in a private home, and the alleged perpetrators of the story would also have used objects to commit sexual abuse.

The turning point in the investigation into the alleged rape of the Grosseto teenager, which occurred in the bathroom of a house, comes thanks to the probable acquisition of this video that one of the three would have shot while the other two – according to the story told by the girl – were abusing her . Violence, it seems, also committed with some objects found right inside the bathroom.

“They know who I am,” the teenager’s mom says on the phone in a low voice. “Now I expect justice to be done soon.”

However, the staff of the Mobile team who has the task of reconstructing what happened during the party that should have been only a moment of leisure and puto fun, considering also the fact that the participants all knew each other and that the age – in fact – was that of teenagers . In short, a group of boys who apparently frequented each other regularly.

From the few things that leak – because there is absolute confidentiality on the part of the Police – it seems that the girl was attacked in the bathroom of the apartment where the party was taking place, and not on the beach (at first it had emerged that the alleged rape had been committed in the external toilet of a bathhouse).

According to the story told by the girl, first to the parents and then to the policemen, at some point she entered the bathroom and soon after they would have arrived also three peers that would immediately make it clear what their real intentions were.

While one of them worried about staying in the doorway so as not to allow anyone to enter, the others would have started to harass her more and more heavily until reaching – according to the victim’s version – sexual violence.

It is not clear whether the third party also had the same “attentions” towards him as the other two. The girl could have done nothing in the face of the greater physical strength of the alleged attackers.

It seems, then, that the gruesome scene was shot with a smartphone and that there is a video that would leave little doubt about the incident and the seriousness of the action committed, the seriousness of which – probably – the three protagonists have not yet fully understood the scope , if the accusations against them were then confirmed by the investigations.

A video that, among other things, would also have been shared for a few hours by some guys but which then disappeared from the whatsapp groups, which however may also have been shared with other people.
This footage should be in the hands of the police who are investigating the matter.

And then the words of the mother said yesterday on the phone return: “They know who I am, we want justice”.

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