Seventeen new cases of Covid-19 in the province of Ravenna: 13 people returned from isolated Bangladesh


ER Region update at 6pm on Saturday 4 July 2020

THE CASES – In Emilia-Romagna today 4th July 2020 there are 27 cases of Covid more than yesterday, of which 18 asymptomatic identified through regional screening and tracking activities (over 1,500 serological tests performed). From the beginning of the epidemic from Coronavirus, in Emilia Romagna there were 28,613 positive cases. Among the new cases of positivity, 13 people returned from Bangladesh and isolated in the Ravenna area and 15 in the province of Bologna always attributable to already known situations. Healed people rise to 23,309 (+25) lives, 51 more than yesterday, including 40 asymptomatic people identified in the context of contact tracing and regional screening.

ACTIVE CASES – Active cases, i.e. the number of actual patients, to date are 1,037 (26 more than yesterday)

PEOPLE IN ISOLATION – People in isolation at home, i.e. those with mild symptoms who do not require hospital treatment, or are symptom-free, are a total of 941, 26 more than yesterday, 90.7% of those sick.

INTENSIVE THERAPIES – ICU patients drop to 8 (-1), those hospitalized in the other Covid wards are 88 (+1)

HEALINGS – There are 25 new healings for a total of 23,309, 81.4% of those infected since the beginning of the crisis. The overall healed people therefore rose to 23,309 (+25): 230 “clinically healed”, that is, they became asymptomatic after presenting clinical manifestations associated with the infection, and 23,079 those declared healed in all respects because they tested negative in two consecutive tests.

THE DEATHS – Unfortunately, they register two deaths. Overall, deaths in Emilia-Romagna reached 4,237. No deaths in Ravenna. In total, 79 deaths have been recorded since the pandemic in Ravenna.

THE DETAIL – In detail, these are the cases of positivity in the area, which always refer not to the province of residence but to that in which the diagnosis was made:

  • 5,363 in Bologna and Imola (+ 15)
  • 5,004 in Reggio Emilia (+ 1)
  • 4,551 in Piacenza (+ 3)
  • 3,959 in Modena (+ 2)
  • 3,669 in Parma (+ 8)
  • 2,199 in Rimini (+ 1)
  • 1,071 in Ravenna (+ 17)
  • 1,029 in Ferrara (=)
  • 962 in Forlì (+ 1)
  • 806 in Cesena (+ 3)

For the provincial territory of Ravenna, 17 new positivity were reported in citizens, all male, from abroad with various flights landed in the last few days at Fiumicino airport, and on which the health authorities had reported cases of positivity. These patients are all already in isolation. Of these, 14 are domiciled in the municipality of Ravenna (13 of which reside in the same house) and 3 in the Municipality of Cervia which are part of the same housing unit. At the moment they are all asymptomatic. Their close contacts have been traced and isolation has been arranged for them in the covid hotel; the related pads are also in progress.

Today there are no new deaths or complete new healings. Statement by the mayor of Ravenna and president of the province, Michele de Pascale: “Thanks to the activation of procedures tested in recent months and to the collaboration between all the health authorities, the Department of Public Health of Ausl Romagna immediately identified the patients to be submitted buffer and therefore positivity. It should be emphasized that these people, mostly returned from abroad, were already in home isolation, but in any case the health personnel has promptly identified all their contacts who have been placed, in turn, in isolation, and is carrying out further swabs. This leads us to say that the situation can be considered under control. In any case, for the sake of utmost prudence, we invite all those who have returned from abroad or have had contact with people who have returned from Bangladesh or other countries at risk, to contact Public Hygiene to make a swab. Thanks to everyone’s collaboration, we will be able to keep the situation under control “.

The total number of cases diagnosed since the beginning of the infection in the Ravenna area is 1,071, the distribution of which by municipality is as follows.

The 1050 cases in the province of Ravenna

  • 58 residents outside the province of Ravenna
  • 479 Ravenna (+ 14)
  • 139 Faenza
  • 84 Cervia (+ 3)
  • 68 Lugo
  • 62 Russians
  • 40 Bagnacavallo
  • 31 Alfonsine
  • 23 Castelbolognese
  • 21 Fusignano
  • 16 Cotignola
  • 12 Massa Lombarda
  • 11 Brisighella
  • 8 Conselice
  • 8 Riolo Terme
  • 6 Solarolo
  • 4 Sant’Agata sul Santerno
  • 2 Casola Valsenio
  • 1 Bagnara

The total of the sum of the Municipalities is 1.056 and not 1.054 but the error in the calculation does not depend on us.


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