Serious Sam 4, a new trailer shows the explosive gameplay of the game on PC and Google Stadia –


Serious Sam 4 was one of the protagonists of Devolver Direct, the event aired in the past few hours, during which he showed himself with a new gameplay trailer all focused on its sparkling action.

Not many details have been provided, but the video contains a first part more narrative, in which we understand something of the mission that sees the hero of Croteam engaged, and a second in which absolutely dominates the destruction total and unconditional, apparently.

Obviously, it is one subjective shooter with a strongly classical essence, indeed that makes the link with the tradition of the genre its true stylistic code. The story tells of humanity that finds itself under siege, while the whole force of the Mental hordes spreads all over the world, devastating what remains of a destroyed and defeated civilization.

The last resistance left to the invasion is the Earth Defense Force, led by none other than Sam “Serious” Stone, protagonist of the series, together with his heavily armed team, formed by “misfit commando”, apparently.

Serious Sam 4 is truly a prequel for the series, but able to bring chaos and destruction to unprecedented levels, as we can also guess from the new trailer. Serious Sam’s classic formula has been revamped with an even wider arsenal of weapons, more enemies and even more extreme situations.

The game does not yet have a precise release date but is scheduled for August 2020 its PC e Google Stadia, while later it is also expected on PS4 and Xbox One but there is still no information about it. You can learn more by reading the preview of Serious Sam 4, of which we are still awaiting confirmation regarding the rumored Nintendo Switch version.

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