Serie C, first round of the playoffs: Novara, Padova, Catania and Catanzaro in the 2nd round


After the promotions of the first classified in the three groups of Serie C (Monza, Vicenza and Reggina), it is time to playoff to establish what will be the fourth third series formation to make the leap into Serie B.
The promotion play-offs begin tonight, with the First Round almost on file, waiting for the match between Ternana and Avellino to be played tomorrow night in the dry game as today; the first verdicts, however, have already been issued, and here are the formations that had access to the Second Round.
In Group A Novara continues the dream, after the tie against AlbinoLeffe worst placed in the standings, while in B it is Padova to go on, thanks to the best ranking compared to Sambenedettese. In Group C there is Catania, who under two goals – and with the game suspended for about ten minutes almost at the end of the first half for a blackout at “Massimino” – overturns the result with Virtus Francavilla, while Catanzaro, who does not go beyond 0-0 with Teramo, takes advantage of the best ranking.
Let’s now take a look at the complete program, with the teams qualified for the next round in capital letters:

Group A
NOVARA-Albinoleffe 0-0

Group B
PADUA-Sambenedettese 0-0
Piacenza-TRIESTINA *

Group C
CATANIA-Virtus Francavilla 3-2 (11 ‘Perez, 20’ Vazquez, 27 ‘Biondi, 56’ [rig.] Curcio, 93 ‘Pinto)
CATANZARO-Teramo 0-0


* qualified in the second round for the opponent’s renunciation

2nd Round – Single race SUNDAY 05 JULY 2020

1st Round – Single race THURSDAY 09 JULY 2020
2nd Round – Single race MONDAY 13 JULY 2020

Semi-finals – Single race FRIDAY 17 JULY 2020
The final – Single race WEDNESDAY 22 JULY 2020


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