Serie A, slow motion: De Ligt and Radu, clear penalties. And Cuadrado on Belotti …


The handballs of the black and white and Lazio leave no doubt. The Bull is missing a penalty

Three advances on Saturday. Here is the Official slow motion of the challenges of the 30th matchday of Serie A.

Juventus-Turin 4-1

At 9 ‘suspected contact of Rabiot in the area, the Var silent check confirms the impression of the field: there is no touch of hand, you play. In the 47th minute, the first highlight: ball on De Ligt with his arm unnaturally open to protect Buffon from before Verdi’s shot. At the moment Maresca lets play, goes back on her steps recalled to the monitor by Var Irrati, sees the touch and grants a correct penalty. At 70 ‘severe with Dybala: he sees well the non-contact with Izzo, but warns the Argentine for simulation. Maresca is in a good direction until an episode that leaves strong doubts. At 72 ‘Belotti in the area jumps to catch a ball, misses it and goes to the ground, Cuadrado from behind falling back stomps the foot of the grenade. The dynamic and the ball that goes away perhaps induce Maresca to postpone, but the frames show the blow for which conceding a penalty would not have been a mistake.

Sassuolo-Lecce 4-2

In a good direction by Massa for a lively game, everything happens in 2 minutes: at 62 ‘the referee sees the arm Paz (which then opens) around Ferrari in the area and indicates the spot without doubt. Two minutes after contact with the Marlon-Babacar line. To clear the doubt on the position is the Var: touch on the line, penalty for Lecce.

Lazio 0-3 Milan

At 32 ‘Ibrahimovic found the 2-0 goal but, first the signal from the second assistant Bindoni, then the Var check, they saw his offside position and canceled the goal. One minute after Radu’s hands, on a cross by Saelemaekers: the Lazio player is at fault not with his right hand, correctly closed on the body, but with his left hand opened unnaturally. Calvarese, well positioned on the inside, sees well directly and the protests of Luis Alberto are of no use. At 53 ‘still an offside position: it is that of Lazzari who sees the possibility of shortening with his net fading. At 70 ‘Romagnoli risks entering hard on Lukaku: the race director of Teramo sees him, grace him, but takes him back. There can be the yellow in Lukaku too decided on Saelemaekers at 78 ’, a little more taxing than the one in Paquetà who hugs Patric.

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