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Stefano Pioli (Getty Images)

Stefano Pioli is destined to leave Milan, regardless of the sporting results that in any case are proving him right: different scenarios open up for the Emilian coach

Stefano Pioli returns to glissare, removing the possibilities for his future: “I don’t know if the Milan has already decided. But this it’s not my concern, nor does it affect the players. We only think about doing well. ” The message continues to be clear: the thought is aimed only at the field and at this championship final, then it will be time to sum up. Although AC Milan has already done so and has already established that the coach will not be Stefano next year Pioli. Despite a decidedly important score after the lockdown, with lots of wins on Rome, Lazio e Juventus, continuing the great growth of the 2020, the rossoneri will change their technical guide.

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Stefano Pioli (Getty Images)

Calciomercato, Pioli: spoiled for choice after Milan. From Turin to Valencia: the options

The Emilian coach, who had signed a two-year contract in October, will go away (unwillingly) to make room – probably – for Ralf Rangnick. We will then have to establish the role of the German manager, but in any case there will be someone else on the bench. The excellent numbers of these months, however, have opened several doors for the future post-Milan a Stefano Pioli. For him, offers from Italy and abroad have already arrived, he will certainly not stand still and will only have to count. In A league the Torino it could be an important possibility with a reboot project, as well as a Cagliari in case Zenga should not be confirmed.

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Or a suggestive return to the Fiorentina, decidedly more complicated even if the resignation of Pioli came under the presidency of the Of the valley. Do not discard the foreign track at all, with Monaco e Bordeaux (maybe in place of the ex Fiorentina Paulo Sousa) in France. In Premier There is the Watford of Water well, who may decide to bet again on an Italian manager, while the Benfica would offer the opportunity to play the Champions (touched with the Lazio after eliminating the preliminary with the Leverkusen) and Valencia are looking for a new starting point following a disappointing season. In short, everything suggests that, however Pioli, closed a door will open more than one door.

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