Seregno sided with Brozovic: “Shameful campaign to discredit …”


The official press release through the club’s Facebook page in defense of the Croatian Inter midfielder

Seregno Calcio takes sides alongside Marcelo Brozovic, Inter midfielder involved in the night between Friday and Saturday in an episode that cost him the withdrawal of his license. Here is the club’s official statement:

“Seregno Calcio expresses maximum solidarity with one of our great fans, Marcelo Brozovic, the victim of a shameful journalistic campaign designed at the table to discredit one of the strongest midfielders in the world. We feel ashamed of the headlines in a certain press that define a person as “drunk” with an alcohol content of 0.54 g / L, guilty of having drunk a beer at dinner.
Certain press would do well to refrain from attacking real professionals who with great sacrifice, starting from scratch, have reached great levels in the world football scene“.

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