Sensational Conte, his future at Inter is now hanging in the balance


Ma Conte he still has faith in the project Inter? Only a year has passed since his inauguration, but there are already too many clues not to ask the question. The Salento technician’s external statements are nothing new. It had even started last summer, complaining about market delays. And then the defeat of Dortmundhad literally made fire and flames. However, his statements after yet another comeback suffered with Verona have definitely turned on the alarm bell. «At the end of the year I will make my considerations as the club will. Everyone would like to win, but you have to understand how close or far you are from doing it. Someone can think of it in one way and someone in another». They are not trivial words, because they suggest a different vision on the path to take.

Conte and society: this is where the problems arise

Conte is a coach from everything and immediately: knows that it has an expiration time, because it ends up consuming the environment. To hit the target immediately, however, you need players who are ready and, possibly, used to doing it, not young to grow or elements to build. Here, the technician from Salento has repeatedly made it clear how the company, in his opinion, preferred to focus on perspective rather than experience, making the process of eliminating certain more complicated historical flaws. Moreover, the market for the next season is also developing along this line: afterwards Judge, you work on Tonali e Plums (both class 2000). In Conte’s list, however, there are Vidal, Dzeko and maybe, Suspended. Be careful, though, because it’s not just a question of the market. The coach, in fact, would not feel adequately supported: certainly not publicly, rather in his methodology and work philosophy, which would not have “taken root” yet.

Indiscretion from the locker room: the players asked Conte to brake

The crisis between Conte and the Inter world, however, is not only in one sense. The attitudes and behaviors of the technician, in fact, have raised concerns tiered within the club. It is true that his habits were known, but on more than one occasion his public outbursts (and not) were judged exaggerated, not to say counterproductive. Suffice it to see what the team’s reaction was after the thunder and lightning post Bologna. Speaking of the players, it is said that, in the past weeks, when muscle woes started to follow, someone asked the coach to “brake”, but did not get great results. Then also look at the aspects of the field. Because this very small use of substitutions has not gone unnoticed. Do not miss those who believe that, with a few more changes, the points lost would not have been 20. Especially since the comebacks have almost always arrived in the final minutes.

Zhang and the doubts about Conte

Last but not least, how the current situation is perceived in China. It is true that Steven Zhang He has been missing from Italy for some time, but he keeps himself informed daily on everything that happens in Milan, including Conte’s statements. Here, it seems that it is very little appreciated – just to put it mildly – his hint that he has not been completely satisfied.

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Conte: “My team because I train it. But …”

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