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Monday, July 20, 2020 – 9:25 a.m.

Christian Santos regrets a missed opportunity

  • 20th anniversary.

    That League of Deportivo

In La Corua There are more sportsmen than soccer fans. This is not so strange if we consider that Deportivo is not that it offers many signs of being a football team.

The reason is that the Sports and the city have always recognized each other. Not playing soccer, but Deportivo is the joker for the elevator conversation, the white and blue of the aprons of the fishmongers of the Plaza de Lugo or the romantic heritage of a grandfather to his grandson. It is a link that transcends the game, so it is not difficult to find athletes who do not know who Sergio Ramos is but remember Baby or shellfishers who hum the Dpor anthem even though they don’t know how many players there are in a starting team. In the full name of the club, Deportivo de La Corua, the preposition is superfluous and a hyphen is missing.

This city-team identification is given regardless of any sporting event, it does not matter that tonight Dpor can be the first team since 1947 let him descend to 2B with a league champion title in his trophy room. Then it was Betis down to Third, which was the equivalent of the current one. If all the typical Galician football team were this would be the Deportivo, which the same year goes from celebrating the 20th anniversary of its league title to see itself looking out into the abyss. The drama, the mysticism, the struggles, the fatality, the paranormal events, the coming and going of glory with the same resignation of those who get up on Monday at five in the morning … They are all there.

The night of the penalty Djukic It was the first time that those born in the 80s understood the drama that Deportivo can entail (I did not cry for football. I cried for Dpor). The cruelty of that day was beyond losing the League, there were the ways: you had to wait for the discount to get a penalty kick that made you a champion if you scored it. Obviously it failed.

The esoteric has always accompanied Dpor: that Cup final suspended by a hailstorm inexplicably forceful (in June, in Madrid), the stands of Riazor burning -literal- before playing a promotion to First, going down to Second without having been in relegation positions throughout the season … A year ago, in fact, stayed in Mallorca one goal away from returning to Primera. And he had it in a header in the 93rd minute.

Budget for what

For anyone it would be suspicious that they always happen to him, but in La Corua he ended up accepting it with a slight shrug and a good one coming out of his mouth. How to explain the season in which Deportivo is close to dropping to 2B should be a core subject in any engineer.

The changes of coach, the two directives, the overvalued squad – it has been wearily and proudly repeated that Dpor is the sixth salary cap in the Second Division when it would be necessary to ask for frightful explanations if the players are analyzed one by one – or perhaps a meigallo for having decided to play with horizontal stripes. No one knows why it can fall, but it is known that the slap would be legendary.

Deportivo is the English in Magaluf and seems not to understand the danger of playing near the balcony on a sixth floor. Looking out at 2B, the fall would not only be sports but also social and, above all, economic. Club structure and debt may be too large for a category where soccer is unprofessional.

Last summer La Corua was lamenting for not having obtained the promotion to First and a year later he sobbed for despicable games, although this time the fight is no longer to return to where you were happy but to survive. Tonight against Fuenlabrada, just arrived from 2B and he is playing to enter the playoff of promotion, Deportivo does not depend on itself. You must win and wait for Lugo or Albacete not to do so. It is an unforeseen equation, especially since Fernando Vzquez returned to the bench and waved a sleepy locker room. From being descended at Christmas they even came to dream (briefly) with the playoff of ascent. Pure mirage. After confinement, the black clouds again.

That the pool was too far from the balcony, the Deportivo realized after jumping and the final catastrophe would only save him an unexpected gust of wind. For now, all of La Corua is already blowing.

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