Seal center Pieterburen closed after corona infection


Morocco locks major cities

The Moroccan government has closed access to almost all major cities at midnight due to increasing corona contamination, including Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tangier, Fez and Meknès. Local authorities are going to prevent people from entering the cities. According to Morocco World News, exceptions are made for medical emergencies, carriers of essential goods and people who have been given special permission.

After Sunday, Morocco registered a record number of 633 new corona cases a day earlier. This brought the total number of infections to 20,278 and 313 deaths have now been reported.

The ministries of the Interior and Health announced the emergency measure on Sunday evening, but did not make clear how long the closings will last and how the access bans will be enforced. According to the ministries, the closure of the cities is necessary because many citizens do not respect precautions such as distance, wearing face masks and personal hygiene.

The measure anticipates the four-day Sacrifice Feast that starts on Friday and where many people visit family. Morocco recently extended the state of emergency and made the wearing of mouth masks mandatory. International flights are still only allowed to a very limited extent.

Seal center Pieterburen closed after corona infection

Seal Center Pieterburen will be closed to visitors for the time being, because a volunteer from Switzerland appears to be infected with the corona virus. All 16 volunteers are quarantined as a precaution. They all live on the grounds of the center.

“Further measures will be taken in close consultation with the GGD. The center is therefore closed to visitors, all twelve employees are now needed to make it possible to care for the seals in the center, ”a spokesperson for the seal center told ANP. “It will be tight, but we expect it to work.”

The seal sanctuary in the Groningen town of Pieterburen, which was mainly known by animal activist Lenie ‘t Hart, worked with online reservations because of the corona measures and was sold out for the coming days. People with a ticket get their money back.

The spokesman does not know how long the center should remain closed. “Normally, the insulation takes two weeks. But we will consult with the GGD on Monday about what to do next. ”

Howlers in Seal Center Pieterburen in the summer of 2017. Photo Siese Veenstra / ANP

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