scoundrels should know that we will always be sovereign – RT in Russian


During his visit to Gomel, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stressed the importance of preserving the country’s independence and sovereignty.

“Now is a very dangerous moment, we cannot lose what we have created with you. You can’t! This is the main thing. We must keep this piece of land and not give it to anyone. There is no fear, there is no catastrophe, but the scoundrels should know that we will always be sovereign and independent and live on this earth with our children, ”BelTA quoted him as saying.

He also advised not to trust those who promise quick reforms.

According to him, socially oriented policies are yielding results.

“We looked at the development of our economy, industry, gave our people an opportunity to earn money. People do not live well, and you are not rich, you are not oligarchs. But we know how to live, and we live on our land, ”Lukashenka added.

Earlier, Lukashenka announced that his opponents may have a plan to overthrow the government.

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