Scooters Scooty disappeared from the streets (Antwerp)


Koen Kennis on a Scooty. The mopeds have meanwhile disappeared from the streets. — © Dirk Kerstens


All scooters of the Scooty sharing platform have disappeared in both Antwerp and Brussels. According to the Brussels website Bruzz, the project in the two cities will stop forever.

It doesn’t look rosy for the Scooty electric scooter sharing platform. Europcar does not yet officially confirm or deny that the company would stop. Europcar is the owner of the Scooty company. They do let you know that every user can see on the app that the electric scooters are no longer on the street. “That will remain the case for the time being and that has nothing to do with corona,” says Europcar’s Steven Pauwels.

Scooty was founded in 2016 and rents partial scooters in Antwerp and Brussels. The company was sold to Europcar in 2018. In May last year, the company expanded for a third time and Antwerp acquired three hundred electric scooters. The zone was expanded from the city center to the districts outside the Singel and the peripheral municipalities of Mortsel and Edegem. (dream)

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