Schools open in September: requests from parents


AGE Toscana – In the race against time to open schools in September, meter in hand and smoking meninges, there is the risk of putting aside those who have a direct influence on the behavior of pupils, namely parents.

By 16 July, the Tuscan schools will have to communicate the methods of return and so, to avoid that, in the haste to organize and measure, the schools neglect to even involve the Presidents of the School Councils, the Parents Association A.Ge. Toscana wrote to all the elected parents of their region, informing them and urging them to do their part in organizing the return to school. Nor is there a list of legitimate and feasible requests to be made to schools.

“Just as the presence of a representative of the parents is foreseen within the regional tables for the start of the school year 2020/21, – begins the letter addressed to the Presidents of the School Councils and to all the parents elected in the collegial Bodies – in our opinion, as an association of parents, it is appropriate and right that parents also participate at local level, both being consulted and actively participating in the organization of times and spaces “.

Precisely because that of parents can be a precious added value in this moment of crisis, for the knowledge they have of the needs of pupils and families and what the area can offer, the invitation to the Presidents and members of the Councils of the Institute it is to actively take part in the organizational units that are being activated in each school; the Presidents, in particular, will be able to be part of the Conferences of the services organized by the Municipalities and of the educational pacts of communities carried out at local level. It also seems appropriate that at least the President of the Council of the Institute should have access to the information dashboard that indicates the capacity of the classrooms in relation to the Covid-19 risk.

At the same time, it will be important to keep close contacts with parents through class representatives, in order to circulate information and proposals and to grow that “shared and collective responsibility” foreseen in the ministerial guidelines. At the beginning of the school year, it will be appropriate to convene meetings, also by video conference, to maintain a direct line with families, at least as long as the virus persists. Better yet, this could finally be an opportunity to get parents’ participation off the ground.

A.Ge.’s parents Tuscany, which for years have been involved in the school to provide training and advice and protect the role of parents, point out some legitimate and feasible requests to be made to schools:

– do not create groups of pupils from different classes;
– choose suitable spaces for teaching (brightness, thermal and acoustic insulation, heating);
– arrange for frequent ventilation of the school rooms and subsequent heating of the same;
– take care of the sanitation of spaces, requiring an increase in school collaborators;
– measure the temperature of anyone entering school;
– pay close attention to moments of recreation, offering motor activities if possible to compensate for the forced immobility of the lesson hours and organizing access to the toilets;
– allow distance teaching to pupils who request it, in particular high school students who live more than half an hour’s journey from school;
– use the substantial funds of the Relaunch Decree to make purchases that are useful even after the emergency has passed (art. 231 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 34/2020); the same for building projects financed by the Municipalities.

To ask for moments of training, even by videoconference, or to make reports, you can write to [email protected] or call 328/8424375.

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