Schneider experts warn: alarming rise in meningitis in infants


In the last two weeks, Schneider and Meyer have treated two severe cases of meningitis in infants. Doctors warn: “We have not seen a bacterial infection for years. Do not be afraid to vaccinate. On the contrary – giving up the vaccine is much more dangerous.”

Danger precisely at the time of the corona: Schneider Children’s Hospital experts from the Clalit group warn of a phenomenon of meningitis that severely affects infants, stating that they identify it as a disease that is considered very dangerous, and they think it has recently increased in frequency. To this end, they call on parents to adhere to the immunization routine that ensures that the disease does not appear, which can cause severe damage. On the contrary, giving up the vaccine is more dangerous. ”

For a pediatric intensive care unit at the Schneider Center for Pediatrics of the Clalit Group, a 7-month-old baby from Bnei Brak was rushed about two weeks ago in a critical condition with a change in state of consciousness, fever and a prominent balcony – suspicious signs of meningitis.

At the hospital, they performed a lumbar puncture that confirmed the diagnosis that he was suffering from a bacterial infection in the meninges (meningitis) due to the bacterium Hophilus influenzae. b. It was clearly revealed that he was not immunized with routine vaccines due in part to the fear of reaching a drop of milk in the days of the corona and he suffers irreversible damage following inflammation. He was recently transferred from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit to the Department of Pediatrics C, headed by Prof. Irit Krause, where he is receiving prolonged antibiotic treatment as well as supportive care for the damage caused to him.

In those days, in a disturbing coincidence, an 8-month-old baby from Herzliya was admitted to the pediatric emergency room at Meir Medical Center about a week and a half ago due to the same infection. She, too, was transferred for further monitoring and treatment to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Medical Center. Later her condition improved and she was released to her home.

Prof. Efi Bilewski, a senior physician in the Department of Pediatrics C and an expert in infectious diseases at the Schneider Center for Pediatrics, found it appropriate to warn and say that: Against this bacterium and the incidence of such a severe bacterial infection in infants, decreases significantly already after receiving the first two doses of vaccine. In this case, unfortunately, the baby was not vaccinated with routine vaccines and is currently battling meningitis. He suffers from irreversible hearing impairment as well as neurological damage.

“This tumultuous disease, for its harms,” ​​he warns, “could have been avoided if the baby had received the vaccine in a timely manner. “Among the infants. Moreover, while the corona did not directly harm many children, it is evidence of indirect damage caused by fear of it.”

Prof. Bilewski emphasizes: “This is a dangerous time for vaccine opponents who have always enjoyed herd immunity. Now that even routine parents have avoided vaccinations, there are dangerous bacteria and viruses that have returned to circulation and unvaccinated children can be infected. I call on parents to not be vaccinated. At the same time, he calls on opponents of vaccines to sober up and vaccinate, otherwise the next case will be inevitable. ”

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