Savings at residential care centers continue


While caregivers are doing everything they can to keep the virus out of the care centers, they have been told the savings will continue.

Directors of residential care centers received a striking message from the Agency for Care and Health in their mailbox yesterday. ‘The savings in the context of the coalition agreement 2019-2024 are taken into account.’ The savings at the wzc’s will therefore continue as normal.

Vincent De Wolf, director of wzc Huize Wispelaere in Lebbeke, is disappointed. “It seems illogical to me that this is now being implemented. The amount that we are allowed to invoice to the care funds is affected. This is a big difference for us economically. ”

The residential care centers will receive about half a euro less per resident every day. This amounts to 700 euros per week for a rest home with 200 residents. “That can get us into serious trouble.”

“Every saving makes a big difference,” says Margot Cloet, managing director of Zorgnet-Icuro. “We can only hope that investments will be made. Although I don’t have to say that the timing is very unfortunate. ”

Flemish Minister of Welfare Wouter Beke (CD&V) emphasizes that ‘this is not a new decision, but only an implementation of the existing budget’. Moreover, since the corona crisis, extra investments have been made in care for the elderly, around 120 million euros. And we have earmarked 20 million for more helping hands at the bedside. Further investments are still under discussion. ”


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