Saved from drowning in Jesolo, 20 year old dies after a week of agony


He had been saved from drowning, during a bath with friends in Jesolo, but his conditions, extremely serious, had unfortunately never improved. After a week of agony, in the balance between life and death, his heart stopped definitively. Mourning in the community of San Biagio di Callalta for the tragic death of Nabil Rezzou, 20 years old, ex student of the “Giorgi” and ex pizza chef in London (from which he had recently returned) and to the pizzeria “Da Max”, a place marred at the end of May from the tragic death of the owner, Massimiliano Silvestri who lost his life due to an illness.

The episode that cost Nabil’s life took place on the evening of June 24th, in the stretch of sea near the turret 9 (between the Mazzini and Trento squares. Nabil, in difficulty while he was in the water, was rescued in extremis by lifeguards and rescuers and immediately hospitalized in San Donà. The 20 year old and his friends were playing in a stretch of sea where he touched himself: suddenly the young man disappeared into thin air, remaining for very long minutes underwater. Nabil was unable to swim and probably a hole in the seabed was fatal. During the resuscitation operations the young man seemed to have resumed and it had not even been necessary to have the helicopter intervene for transport to the Sandonatese hospital.

The news quickly spread on social media and dozens of messages of condolence appeared on the Facebook page of the 20 year old, much loved and well integrated, as well as his family of Moroccan origins. Together they lived in San Biagio di Callalta, not far from the town hall: on Monday evening many went personally to show their closeness to the family. Among these also the mayor, Alberto Cappelletto, on behalf of the whole community. «He was a polite and brilliant boy, a few years ago he received a scholarship dedicated to those who stood out in the study – explains the first citizen – I saw him play here on the football pitch, with the other boys. He was a boy who didn’t just think about having fun but showed interest in everything around him. “

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