Saturday’s news about the coronavirus in Italy


Civil Protection reported on Saturday that 188 new cases of contagion from coronaviruses had occurred in the last 24 hours, with 7 deaths. There are two more patients hospitalized in intensive care, while the people tested have increased by 25,449 compared to yesterday. In total, the official death toll in Italy is 34,945, with 242,827 cases of infection.

Lombardy recorded 67 new infections and 4 died. The regions where contagion has increased the most in the last 24 hours are Emilia-Romagna with 47, Lazio with 19, Veneto with 10 and Piedmont with 9. Umbria, Sardinia, Valle d’Aosta and Molise do not have no new infection recorded. The provinces in which the increase in cases of contagion in the last 24 hours has been higher are Brescia (26), Bologna (20), Milan (16), Rome (12).

These, however, are numbers to be taken with extreme caution: in Italy, as in many other countries in the world, the number of positive cases ascertained includes only the people who tested positive for the swab, but not the hundreds of thousands of people who they contracted the virus and never did the test, and therefore never returned to the official counts. A similar discussion must be made for the number of dead, and also the number of healed and discharged must be taken with the springs (here is the long explanation of the numbers and the necessary cautions to have in interpreting them).

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The other news today
Since yesterday there has been talk with some agitation about the extension of the state of emergency, anticipated by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. It is not yet certain, and Conte said he would like to pass the decision to Parliament: but it is actually quite obvious, as the state of emergency is a very important legal instrument to manage an epidemic like the one in progress. The need to extend it depends on the fact that it has a duration of six months, and was originally declared on January 31 (therefore three weeks before the first cases registered in Italy).

The state of emergency has existed since 1992, and allows the government and civil protection to use leaner procedures to enact and enforce the epidemic containment rules. This is what allowed the government to impose the measures that defined the lockdown without going through the Houses, which would greatly slow down its approval, taking advantage of the ministerial decrees (the Prime Ministerial Decree). Conte explained that the extension of the state of emergency does not mean that the virus is not under control, but that special tools are still needed to be able to intervene promptly: to close schools, for example, but also for local decisions, such as declaration of “red areas” during particularly worrying outbreaks.

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Today Parma announced that a member of the team staff tested positive for the coronavirus: the tests on the players instead gave a negative result. It is the first episode of this type since the Serie A started again, and it is therefore the first time that the appropriate protocols are applied: the positive person, who has no symptoms, has been subjected to isolation, while the whole team team of Parma began a retreat at the corporate sports center. The team, which will be monitored for two weeks with tampons every two days, will however be able to continue with training and games. Tomorrow he will play regularly against Bologna.

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