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Satisfactory, an interesting Cofee Stain building game, has surpassed a million copies thanks to the arrival on Steam, which gave a good acceleration to sales. This event gave the development studio the opportunity to explain, through numbers, the difference between the Valve shop and theEpic Games Store.

Satisfactory as of July 3, 2020 sold 1,326,518 copies. 958,917 were sold through the Epic Games Store, the platform on which it arrived exclusively on March 19, 2019. The remaining 367,601 copies arrived in less than a month thanks to the landing on Steam. Satisfactory took three months to exceed 500k copies on the EGS.

The numbers of the game are impressive, but of course, the speed with which the game sells on Steam even after a year is surprising. The community manager of the game Jace Varlet explains this result in two ways: the first is that on Steam the game was able to enjoy a 10% discount almost immediately thanks to the Steam Summer Sale. On EGS the first discount arrived after months. The second reason is the most obvious: Steam is gigantic and there are simply too many people to prevent the game from selling better.

Also for this reason Varlet thinks that soon copies of Satisfactory will be sold on Steam will be more on the Valve platform. Another reason that makes it easier to sell the game now than it was a year ago is that the game is “abetter experience now. There are many more features thanks to the additional development year. ”

The various developers are always very reserved in distributing the numbers, but Coffee Stain has it published his data without problems, giving us a glimpse of the difference between these two platforms: “I think transparency is very important, “said Varlet.”I think many people wanted to know the numbers. They are curious, we have them. Why not give it to him? ”

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