Maurizio Sarri defines himself satisfied, his Juventus runs and runs well. In Genoa, to tell the truth against perhaps the worst of the three formations faced so far, Juventus puts on the bulletin board a good performance, for intensity but also for play, not only, the plots and the pressure, but also the improvement of the physical condition , essential to keep for the whole month and also for the next, as well as three goals that will be difficult to forget.

IMPROVEMENTS AND Pitfalls – the technician reiterates that these improvements have a very specific reason: “The situation is so anomalous that unfortunately we don’t have certainties either. We are living an experience never lived in the past, so we are also looking for feedback. Nobody has the certainties in a situation of this type, because nobody has ever lived it. The feeling is that we are growing, we have to work a bit to make those coming from Ramsey, Higuain-like injuries grow, to bring them to a higher level, because they are important players for us and that will be absolutely necessary in the following “.

Once again, however, Sarri stresses that the situation is absolutely anomalous and that it is not possible to know what will happen between now and the end of the month when the championship ends.

THE GOOD NEWS-HAVE FUN! – for Maurizio Sarri the good news is that the players seem to have digested the dictates of the coach better, even if still too often, they wrap around the edge of the area. Sarri also noticed this detail which would be very positive in the future, combining it with some trophies: “Yes, I had the feeling even in the first half that they were having fun on the pitch. In the second half even more. We needed to let players rest, but they saw that everyone with your finger made you do this (mimic the ‘no’ with your finger, ed). Nobody wanted to go out. Then it is right that the players who have done more minutes in the last period also take a breath. But it was something we had talked to Paulo and Cristiano about in the past few days, they too were aware of this. ”

In short, the signs are positive, the coach seems to have regained the confidence that the Italian cup final had taken away, we will have to wait for next week with the Saturday appetizer to get the definitive response with the matches with Milan and Atalanta.

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