Sarri: “Juve, nice reaction. Atalanta hard”


The Tuscan coach: “For the Scudetto 11 points are needed in 6 games. With Milan we had a mental, not physical, drop. How much does this victory weigh? A point. Pjanic on the bench because he was not well”

Maurizio Sarri smiles and jokes, after escaping the danger and the 2-2 against Atalanta. “It’s a draw that weighs … one point. We had 7 ahead of the second in the standings before today, now we have 8 – he says to Dazn in the post-race -. It was a game of enormous difficulty against a very organized team , dealing with it is a problem for everyone. In Milan we didn’t have a physical problem, but a mental one, because a drop like that is more a ‘fainting’ than anything else. We showed it tonight. If I am calm now? There is a proverb Florentine that I avoid repeating … ‘quiet’ has made a bad end, let’s say so. For the championship we will have to score 11 points in 6 games “.

Without Pjanic because …

Sarri then analyzes the tactical evolution of the match: “Atalanta seemed fresher than us in the first half, we were passive and did not enter well into the opposing half of the field – is the opinion of the Tuscan coach -. In the second half we reacted and before suffering 2-1 I thought I would win it. Our mistake initially was to want the ball on them, they slide well forward and are aggressive. It was a difficult game for our forwards, not so much for Ronaldo as for Dybala, to whom likes to come and catch the ball. Better in the final with Higuain, from this point of view “. Finally, the explanation for the absence of Pjanic, kept on the bench and now sold to Barcelona: “He was not very well, he had a nuisance to an adductor”.

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