Sarri: “Juve, I’m not calm for the Scudetto. Atalanta at the top in Europe”


TORINO – “We faced one of the best fit teams in Europe and the difficulty was enormous. Aggressive and highly organized team, in the first half we made several mistakes and with their way of defending it was an absolute risk. They are very aggressive, every lost ball was a danger and in fact the first goal they did it“. Maurizio Sarri, technician of the Juventus veteran from 2-2 inside with theAtalanta, comments on Dazn’s microphones about the big match at the Allianz Stadium. “Against Atalanta it is always difficult – continues the former coach of Empoli, Napoli and Chelsea –, then luckily we played a different game and we deserved the tie. We took 2-1 at a time when we were better, I also thought I could win it, but even a single point against such a team is important. We now have 8 points ahead. More peaceful in optics Scudetto? No, also because there is a Florentine proverb about tranquility….“.

Juve-Atalanta, the news

Juve-Atalanta, the match report

Sarri: “Difficult match for Dybala”

On the attack: “This game was difficult. Less for Cristiano Ronaldo, more for Dybała who prefers to catch the ball and turn around and it couldn’t be done. In fact we entered Higuain, who could play more than before. Pjanic? He was not well, he had a physical problem and I didn’t want to take any risks. A muscle injury right now makes you miss many games“. On the performance in the second half:”We put more energy and defended ahead, while in the first we were too passive. In the second half we changed the game. Playing against them was now a problem for everyone, they came from a dozen games won. In Milan we had no physical problems, there was only one blackout”.

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